Eventos 2019

CIMPA Research School on Elliptic Curves: Arithmetic and Computation

11/02/2019 a 22/02/2019 Montevideo, Uruguay,
The aim of this is school to introduce the participants to the arithmetic and computational aspects of the theory of elliptic curves. This school will provide interested students, from Uruguay and neighboring countries, with the opportunity to get an introduction to the theoretical as well as computational side to several aspect of the theory of elliptic curves. February 11-22, 2019.

V Jornadas de Estadística Aplicada

13/09/2019 a 09:00 a 14/09/2019 a 10:00
Este año, las Jornadas se renuevan con ejes temáticos novedosos y con la participación de conferencistas prestigiosos, nacionales e internacionales. Además, se apela a una importante concurrencia de estudiantes, investigadores jóvenes y confirmados provenientes de diversas áreas del conocimiento. Septiembre 13 -14, 2019.

Mini-Workshop: Groups acting on the circle

04/03/2019 a 08/03/2019 Montevideo, Uruguay,
Mini-workshop on actions on the circle and applications. We will study the geometry and dynamics of groups acting on the circle, and several applications. March 4-8, 2019

Khipu 2019 - Latin American meeting in Artificial Intelligence

11/11/2019 a 15/11/2019 Facultad de Ingeniería, UdelaR,
Our mission is to support the advancement of Latin American talent, research, and companies in Artificial Intelligence through an annual event. Khipu 2019 will be take place at the Facultad de Ingeniería at the Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay. November 11-15, 2019.

Quantum 19 colloquium of algebras and representations

04/03/2019 a 08/03/2019 Facultad de Ingeniería (UdelaR), Montevideo, Uruguay,
Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Walter Ferrer. The series Quantum of colloquiums aims to promote exchange and collaboration in current topics, especially those related to tensor categories, Hopf algebras, quantum groups and representation theory of Lie groups and algebras in general. Quantum 19 is the fist of the series to be held in Uruguay. March 4-8, 2019