Workshop on Groups, Geometry and Dynamics

Del 23 al 27 de julio se realizará en Montevideo el "Workshop on Groups, Geometry and Dynamics". Será un evento satélite oficial del International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 (Rio de Janeiro) y contará con un homenaje especial al matemático uruguayo Ricardo Mañé.





The Dynamical Systems Group at the Universidad de la República has been organizing several international Conferences and Workshops in the last 20 years, focusing on different aspects of dynamics and related topics.

As our group expanded, both in number of participants and areas of research, we are holding a Workshop on Groups, Geometry and Dynamics on 2018 at Montevideo as a satellite conference of ICM 2018 (Rio de Janeiro). The goal of the Workshop is to bring together top scientists working on these areas to discuss new trends on these topics. The idea is to have few talks and lots of discussion time.

During the conference we will be holding a memorial recognition to Ricardo Mañé (1948-1995), a top Uruguayan (and Brazilian) mathematician who worked on Dynamical Systems, and who in 2018 would have been 70 years old.


Workshop on Groups, Geometry and Dynamics



23/07/2018 a 27/07/2018


Edificio Polifuncional "José L. Massera", Facultad de Ingeniería, Montevideo, Uruguay

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